Why Use a Publisher?

Excellent question. Nowadays proof-reading, typesetting, printing and distribution can all be outsourced, which means you could do it all yourself.

However, just because you can do something yourself doesn’t necessarily┬ámean that you should do it.

Writing books, e-books and apps is still a huge investment of your time , and we can help you make the most of it.

Traditional publishers simply have far less to offer than they did in the past.

How Do You Benefit?

Well firstly, we have extremely high editorial, design and production standards. A product published by Quantum Wave is something special, and readers of other books by us will be inspired to buy more of the same.

Secondly, we don’t do things the way others do. Our marketing strategy is targetted at building a focussed list of readers, so that when your production is available we have a ready-made list of qualified, proven purchasers. And we aren’t going to tell them about anything which we’re not proud of.

Thirdly, all of our books are individual, but fit within a common brand. When a reader buys a QuantumWave book, they’ll get a guaranteed high standard of publication.

And finally, we offer fair, modern contracts to all of our authors – we want you to keep working with us to produce more great products in future!

What Next?

If you’ve written or are planning to write a popular science book or application, please complete our proposal page.