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Higgs Force reads like an adventure story. It is an absolutely superb read.
I’m a musician, now enthused for science… it is like great music, thrilling.’
Julian Gold – 3 September 2016

‘To my amazement, Higgs Force has been able to explain physics in terms that I can understand and be fascinated with. As a casual amateur astronomer, I now think of the Universe in a completely different way, having my attention transferred from the pretty images of deep space to the fundamental wonders of it’s composition.’
David Armstrong – 12 August 2017

‘Nicholas Mee’s superb book makes the esoteric subject of sub-atomic physics surprisingly accessible – no mean feat for a work which includes chapters devoted to quantum mechanics and the forces that govern nature.’
Mark Kilner – 12 May 2018

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Higgs Force Interactive
the multimedia companion to Nicholas Mee’s
best-selling book Higgs Force is now available!

Gravity: Cracking the Cosmic Code is the eagerly awaited follow-up to Nicholas Mee’s award winning Higgs Force: Cosmic Symmetry Shattered.

Gravity: Cracking the Cosmic Code is a quest to understand everything from the Big Bang to the supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy. We are taken on an exhilarating ride from the earliest astronomy to the cutting-edge ideas of today. Gravity tells the story of how we found our place in the universe, and is packed with tales of the various characters, such as Kepler, Newton, Einstein and Hawking, who built up our modern picture of the cosmos.

‘I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for signing my copy of your excellent book ‘Gravity’ at the science museum in London. Never before have I read anything that explains such a complex subject in such a way that I can actually understand it. I find myself picking up stones solely for the wonder of watching them fall.’
Adrian Regan

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Higgs Force has won the highly prestigious Outstanding Title Award from the American Libraries Association. 

Take a look at our Popular Science Blog written by award-winning author Nicholas Mee, to see what’s been happening in the world of science.

Higgs Force: Cosmic Symmetry Shattered

On the 4th July 2012, the Discovery of the Higgs Particle was announced. The award-winning Higgs Force by Nicholas Mee is a beautifully clear explanation of the search for the Higgs Particle, brought to life through the fascinating stories of the characters involved.

‘The book is excellent on several levels. It is well written, thoughtful, and engaging. The author presents the material with very little mathematics, making it accessible to nonscientific audiences. Summing Up: Highly recommended.’
CHOICE Review September 2013

‘I have just read Higgs Force. I thought it was wonderful. Literally. The best exposition of the development of the thinking that led to the discovery of the Higgs boson that I have read. I am a mathematical layman, but have spent my life fascinated by particle physics. I thought the book succeeded in making ideas accessible to the layman that would otherwise remain shrouded in mathematical mystery.’
David Finnegan (August 2014)

You can get it now from Amazon and all good bookshops. Alternatively, you can buy one here: Higgs Force. It is also available for Kindle, iTunes and Kobo.

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