Nubble! is a software game for sharpening up your arithmetic, whilst having fun! It’s deceptively simple but also requires strategy to win. Each game exercises your mental arithmetic, and it is possible to play against others or solo against the computer at three different levels.

Nubble! Arithmetic made fun!

How Does it Work?

Four dice are “rolled”, and the player has to combine the numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to find a number slot between 1 and 100 which has not yet been occupied. Some numbers are easy to find, others very tricky. The highest numbers score the most points.

What is a Nubble?

A “Nubble” is any triangle of three adjacent occupied number slots, and bonus points are scored for creating “Nubbles”. If a “Nubble” is created by occupying a number slot for a prime number, even more bonus points are scored.

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How Do I Get It?

Buy it now and you could be playing in minutes! (The software will be supplied by download.)

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