The Cosmic Mystery Tour

by Nicholas Mee on October 20, 2018

My new book The Cosmic Mystery Tour is an illustrated account of cutting-edge science with brief stories of the quirky characters who made it possible.

The universe is full of wondrous and beautiful places, but this is not just a sight-seeing trip. We will investigate how the universe works. What makes it tick! It is a spiritual quest to find deep meaning in the cosmos—a concise, but accurate description of the world that accounts for all the amazing features it contains.

This is the flyer designed by Oxford University Press to promote The Cosmic Mystery Tour.

We explore many hot topics such as the recent discovery of gravitational waves and their role in explaining where the gold in the ring on your finger came from. The answer is quite incredible. All will be revealed.

I am happy to be your personal tour guide as we visit the astonishing bodies that make up the universe; red giants, white dwarfs, neutron stars and the ultimate mystery—the supermassive black hole lurking at the centre of the galaxy.

Finally, we consider the possibility that life might exist elsewhere, exploring the cosmos from the outer fringes of science fiction to the ongoing search for alien civilizations. We are edging closer to resolving the eternal questions about humanity’s relationship to the cosmos.

We have solved many mysteries, but many more remain!

These are some endorsements of the book:

‘A wide-ranging and imaginative introduction to the cosmos that will appeal to the armchair astronomer (or astronaut).’
Ian Ridpath, Editor, Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy

‘That the seemingly endless mysteries of the cosmos are gradually being not merely revealed but also understood is an exciting voyage in science: that excitement is captured by this lucid and accessible account of almost everything there is.’
Peter Atkins, University of Oxford

‘Careful explanations made relevant by being woven into a cultural background – from ancient myths to science fiction via real historical settings. A very entertaining read.’
Jennifer Coopersmith, Author, Energy, the Subtle Concept and The Lazy Universe

The book is listed on Amazon here: The Cosmic Mystery Tour.

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