Praise For “Higgs Force”

“A delightfully readable and accessible account of the search for the force which ensures that there is something rather than nothing in the Universe.”

– John Gribbin, Astrophysicist and Science Author

 “This book is far broader and more accessible than its title may suggest.”

– Manjit Kumar in the Literary Review.

“Lively biographies keep the pages turning in a way most popular science books fail to do. It reveals to the lay reader the importance of the Large Hadron Collider, the beauty of the natural laws and the riddle of Higgs. And it’ll likely be finished before that ageing copy of A Brief History of Time.”

– Ben Veal in Guru Magazine

“In conclusion, Higgs Force takes some pretty high-end physical concepts and research and presents them in a format that pretty much anybody can start to get their head around, as long as they’re armed with a general interest in the subject matter.”

– T K Briggs in the popular astronomy blog Blogstronomy

See also reviews in The Economist Magazine (along with a review of Frank Close’s latest book) and The Scotsman newspaper.